Foggy Morning with my Phantom 4 and Plotagraph!

“There are photographs and then there are Plotagraphs”

I love this software, if you are a photographer its a must have!

This is a still photo from my phantom 4 in the early morning hours, animated the fog with with Plotagraph.

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Matt Kloskowski – Adobe Lightroom Course

The best Adobe Lightroom teacher has released his own course. If you desire to learn Lightroom or increase your knowledge, this is the course to get. You will gain more knowledge here than any other course be it from Adobe or otherwise about Adobe Lightroom. Click or cut & paste the link below to get a direct link to the site or visit
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A DJI Sunset with my GoPro!


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Harvest Time

More fun with the folks from GEOPONIC. The best seeds come from GEOPONIC


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Foggy Start

It was a gorgeous still morning this AM. Awesome foggy start, great sunrise.


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Shideler Grain Co Inc.

Out enjoying an evening with Dave at Shideler Grain Co Inc. Was great learning experience, and awesome opportunity to fly the Elevator. I can not wait to get back now and redo some of my mistakes ;-).




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Flying with Adam & GEOPONIC

A great time out with some local farmers, shooting @ 2.7k during harvest.


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Christmas & Family!


I always wanted to mess around with my camera and the tree, I found myself staring at this section, along with the S on the ornament and reflecting on one awesome man that is now gone. I post this one as a thank you to Frank Silverthorn for the most happiest of memories of Christmas. A man who always made time for his family, A man for when his grandson or granddaughter walked in the door you were greeted with a voice of a man that loved you. We were never an inconvenience, we never showed up at a bad time, we never called him, that he wasn’t anxious to come get us. I think if he could have, he would have stopped the world so we could get on.

A man that flew down numerous times to see in me in college, why? “Because he missed me”. He would never say it, but I remember Grandma calling, saying. Wait on breakfast, your gramps is in his plane on his way over! Happen more than once.. I recall one morning waking up to a phone call, “Hey Kid!” You want to do breakfast? I would say, yeah but I am in Mississippi, he would say great. Walk on out the dorm door and come to the RV!

The walks down the train tracks together at lunch, picking up spikes. Only to have him chrome a pair and put them on his Harley as foot pedals for me so I could sit on the gas tank and ride with him.

I think back to Turkey’s on the old fashion rotisserie, the bicycle that he got me that day. Then two days later I over heard one of his employees telling another one, Frank had us take all the cars our of the body shop so Brett could ride his new bike at Christmas.

It was never about money, job, school, etc… It was always about family, Where could we go flying, where could the car magically quit? It always seem to quit in front of Ice cream stands. Fishing, yep. Hey you want to go Canada? You can imagine the answer…

He spoiled me rotten and I admit it. ROTTEN! He never had to say I love you, he showed it. Brandi Shaw and I never had to doubt it. You just new!

Every Christmas though, this wonderful man comes to mind. I miss the clap of his big hands, the banjo playing Christmas music, seeing him cut the rug with my grandma in the middle of the living room. Seeing Silverthorn Auto-body sign on Kilgore. The rides in N8828A, his V-Tail Bonanza, the times he would throw the wheel over and say I am tired, here you fly for awhile, follow those train tracks to ST. Jacob. Your grandma is all nervous and jerky so we need to get there!

It is still such an awesome privilege to run into someone that says, “Hey are you related to Frank? Or Silverthorn that had the auto-body? I never heard one person have a negative thing to say. He ran his business with honor, integrity and still shows from time to time.

Thankful for a Grandpa that was a best friend! He is missed, but he gave me one the best gifts yet. Happy Memories of Christmas!

Funny, that Dorris got me my first digital SLR, and started an addiction!

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A Grateful Photographer!

If you received a tweet from me, this is to you ;-)!

At this time of Thanksgiving, I struggled with a way to get a simple thank you out to each of you, I so wanted it to be more personalized ;-). I thought maybe a photo, a piece of artwork, make shift poster on my website etc… In the end I chose just the old fashion way, a letter:

In these days, one thing that I do not think we do enough of is say thank you to those we appreciate. I wanted to take the time to thank each of you for what you have taught of me over the years. I have followed many of you way before there was twitter, Facebook, or any true social media of any sorts.  I have read your books, read your websites and back in the days even subscribed to RSS feeds. I even had the privilege to shoot a few pictures with two of you… Some of you are professionals, some of you fellow photographers. Either way you kindly shared knowledge, and I have learned something from you!

To each of you, thank you for the following:

  • Teaching me more than I could ever remember
  • Taking the time out of your schedule to build courses, books, media etc… That I can learn from
  • All the blogging
  • All the tweeting
  • All the impromptu videos on your websites etc…
  • The laughter and education you have provided over the years
  • The freebies, presets, shortcuts, tips, tricks and more

To wrap this up, thank you for all you have done to enable this father of six, photography addict, and IT guru to learn at his own pace, on his own time.

I am thankful for all you have taught me and yet to teach me. Happy Thanksgiving from my house to yours, hoping to someday meet you all in person.

Thanks to Almighty God for all His blessings and mercies toward us throughout the rest of the year and next year!

You can follow these great photographers and people on twitter. Here is a list of some of them:

@ScottKelby @kelbyone @aboutrc @MoosePeterson @petecphoto @terrylwhite @JoeMcNallyPhoto @artwolfe @miamac @TreyRatcliff @ricksammon @whereisben @BrianMatiash @davecross @jpcaponigro @dekepod @JayMaisel @DigitalProTalk @julieannekost @coreyps3D @MattKloskowski @onOneSoftware @wearemacphun @algia10
@KnopeJohn @LEEFilters @CreativeLive @SYRP_

my only regret is I could not find Mr. Bill Fortney on twitter….

Brett Silverthorn



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Out The Window

It was suppose to be a crappy weather day , so I setup up this time-lapse from Hotel room, 17th floor, @ Hyatt in Indianapolis. I proceeded back down to take care of whatever IT needs our conference had. This is what I ended up with upon a return..

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